Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Stout has an awesome selection of burgers and micro-brews from around Southern California. Truly an impressive location and hang-out environment for any night of the week.

Whenever there's a huge selection of burgers it's sometimes overwhelming.  In some cases, if we're tasting with a large enough group, we'll order a few different sandwiches and split everything.  I came here with one other Burger Eater and we ended up eying the same thing: the Shu Burger.

chipotle sauce, light bell pepper, and pepper jack cheese
(I love spicy)

Presentation: Stout likes to keep it simple, and I like that.  No frills with the delivery, which basically means you get exactly what you want. If you're expecting fries, don't.  You'll have to order those separately.

Taste: Strong but not overwhelming spiciness. If you're looking for a classic burger go elsewhere. The cheese and sauces compliment each other nicely, but this detracts a bit from the taste of the meat.

Quality: Ingredients were of a decent quality. Nothing fancy or sub-par. I'd say it's slightly above the average quality level of most burgers, especially in the under $10 price range.

Variation of ingredients: This is the kicker... They have so many different combinations of exotic ingredients on the menu that deciding which burger to get was the most difficult eating decision I've made in a while. Bravo!

The Burger Eater's Rating: 9.5

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Taste's 8 ounce kobe beef cheese burger comes close to a big win, but falls short.

Ingredients: Onion Jam, Organic Arugula, Tomato, Sesame Bun,
Choice of Gorgonzola, Aged White Cheddar, Goat Cheese

The burger I'll be reviewing includes aged white cheddar.

Presentation: the Kobe burger comes stacked reasonably high with a side of shaved fried potatoes.  The fries drew most of my attention, but the burger looked amazing.

Taste: Most of the flavor cam from the onion jam but the dry, heavy bun diffused most of the other tastes.

Quality: All ingredients were fresh. The meat quality was practically as good as it gets - very tender, and juicy.

Variation of ingredients: Besides the bun, the burger is comprised of the same basic ingredients as the Father's Office Burger.  However, this burger falls short on taste and is nearly twice as expensive.

Burger Eater's Rating: 7.5