Monday, November 9, 2009

The 3rd Stop

The 3rd Stop is a great place to hang out with friends and meet new people.  It's a laid back environment with a friendly staff and a huge selection of micro-brewed beers.  Much to my surprise, The 3rd Stop has one of the best burgers in the LA area as well - the Kobe Burger.

The Kobe Burger is served on a warm egg bun with provolone cheese, arugula, and a secret sauce.  Additional side sauces can be ordered.  The sandwich comes with a side of salty fries and I highly recommend trying some of the available beers - there are dozens to choose from - as well as the Nutella Pizza for dessert.


My favorite features of the Kobe Burger are the tenderness of the meat, and the flavor of the bun.  The cheese offered almost no enhancement to the flavor or texture, and that was my greatest disappointment.  The addition of some of the optional sauces is key.  Pick one or two that fit your taste and start dipping or spreading.

Presentation: The burger is brought to you in classic deli form, with a large toothpick to keep things together.  This category didn't stand out, but we were sitting outside with dim lighting, so the key for this rating is going to come from the other measurements.

Taste: With the sweet chili sauce this burger competes with the best of them for taste.  Standard, the sandwich is lacking in this field.

Quality: Probably as good as it can get.  The quality of meat is superb and the bun seems to be home-made.

Variation of ingredients: The fact that you can choose from a multitude of sauces sets this burger apart from many others.  It allows you to pick your favorite flavors and mix and match.

Burger Eater's Rating:  9

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