Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This December I had the privilege of reviewing some sandwiches in  Australia...

First off, let me say that Australians, as a rule, have a tendency to OVERCOOK all of their meat.  It's very difficult to enjoy a sandwich like this since the flavor in the patty is lost and the sandwich in general is more coarse. 

Nonetheless, when the burgers are made right, they are comparable to the best out there.


Hayman Island - Hotel burger - All beef patty, bacon, tomatoe, lettuce, caramelized onion sauce, on an onion bun.

This was a great burger to start off with.  The meat was tender and the flavors were great.

Presentation: This is how all hotel burgers should be served (don't get me wrong, some of my favorite burgers come from hotel kitchens).  This one really looks like it's come out of a commercial... but the picture above is an unphotoshopped imge of what was actually brought out. Big points here.

Taste: The bacon carried most of this sandwich's flavor.  The onion bun was a nice touch as well. Not a whole lot of kick from the patty since it was well-done (I ordered medium).

Quality: This burger was clearly a solid winner in terms of quality.  All of the ingredients had an organic, pure flavor and texture.

Variation of ingredients: Aside from the bun, the ingredients were pretty standard.  A little cheese never hurts... Especially when the meat is overcooked. I quickly learned that this was my American bias towards how meat should be cooked and served.

The Burger Eater's Rating: 8

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