Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chicago Burgers

(I'll get the experimental stuff out of the way first)  Although it's a stated "rule" that any restaurant with a Drive-Thru will not be rated, I'm making this exception simply because... it's White Castle.  So many people in LA have only seen the freezer-section-of-their-grocery-store version of this burger, so I figured, "why not give it a Burger Eater's Rating?"

(standard) pickles & onions

Presentation: For a fast-food burger, the Slider is pretty cool.  It comes in a little box (pictured below).  The box also serves to keep the burger warm.

Taste: Boring. The pickles and onions are basically what your tasting.

Quality: Poor

Variation of ingredients: Even for a fast-food restaurant, the variation here is lacking. Granted, it's a slider not a burger, so this sandwich is really small.

The Burger Eater's Rating: 3  (on a scale of what I would rate other fast-food burgers)

The real rating here is for Fox & Obel's char-grilled cheeseburger, (www.fox-obel.com).  Fox & Obel is a high-end market in downtown Chicago.  They sell some of the best meats and cheeses I've seen in one place.  Think Dean & Deluca.  At the back of Fox & Obel is a cafe that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Every time I go to Chicago I will eat here.  The atmosphere and quality are great.


lettuce, tomato, red onion, white cheddar

Presentation: Pretty standard.  Served with fries on a white dinner plate.  The bun is the most attractive item on the place.

Taste: I'm not the biggest fan of iceberg lettuce on a burger.  It waters down too much of the flavor in the meat and sauces (there are no sauces on this burger).  I added some ketchup knowing the sandwich would be a little dry.   The white cheddar was subtle.

Quality: The quality of the meat was amazing.  It was well prepared (medium-rare) and was juicy and tender.  The bun was really fresh and warmed.  I can't speak much to the quality of the toppings since they didn't add much flavor.

Variation of ingredients: I would have liked some arugula or romaine instead of iceberg lettuce and a sauce of some kind.

The Burger Eater's Rating: 7

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