Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hamburgers - A History

I think it's important for us to understand the root of our burger desires.  The hamburger originated from... no... not Europe, but Mongolia. The Khan armies of the 13th Century had few options in terms of the foods they were able to eat during their conquests. Ultimately, it became a matter of necessity for the Mongolians (or as the City Wok owner in South Park would say, "Mongorrrrians") to prepare mobile meals. This lead to a minced meat patty creation that the Mongolians would place between their saddle and their horse. The meat was flattened and consumed raw at the Mongolians' leisure.

Eventually the Mongolian army made its way to Russia where they adapted the concept into a steak tartar (pictured below).

Today's concept of a hamburger didn't develop until the early 19th century. As you probably guessed, our most favorite food gets its name from the city of Hamburg, Germany. I wonder if I could get away with calling someone from Hamburg a hamburger... That would be sweet.

The hamburger of today was served to immigrants at Ellis Island. It was quick, cheap, and provided the travelers with critical nutrients and protein.

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