Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Introduction

This blog is dedicated to all of you burger eaters out there who are looking for reviews, ratings, and official taste tests. There are a few rules we need to establish before moving forward - after all, it is a small circle of refined gentle-people that can truly appreciate a fine meat sandwich, and our rights need to be protected. This brings me to my first rule:

#1 - Veggie Burgers - NO! This is not the forum for veggie burgers. A hamburger, as defined by Princeton, is, "a sandwich consisting of a fried cake of minced beef(...)"

#2 - Fast Food - fast food burgers fall under a special category during our ratings and reviews. It's not everyday that we have the luxury of dining at a sit-down burger joint. Due to the realities and practicalities of life we must entertain the option of drive-thrus and the like.

#3 - Try new things - there's no such thing as "too much", "too little", "ew". Open your heart and try a new combination of ingredients.

#4 - You are what you eat - Quality is key here. We'll be basing much of our scaling system (1 to 10) on the meat and general ingredient quality.

We hope you enjoy!

*We reserve the right to alter these rules without any previous notification to you or other blog subscribers.

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