Monday, October 26, 2009

Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets is a franchised burger joint located in about 25 states (on a good day).  During my last visit there I had a Rocket Double.

Let's start with presentation: Eh. You're not expecting much since you're either taking this puppy to go or eating it at the faux-fifties counter. On the other hand, for 10 bucks you might expect it to be a little more neatly put together. The thing is greasy and accoutrement hang out from all angles. 

Taste: Good. The meat has a unique taste but I think a lot more flavor would be had if it were charbroiled.

Quality: Nothing special. For 10 bucks it's probably lacking here. I don't see more quality in this sandwich than in a, say, In n' Out burger (at 3 or 4 dollars).

 Variation of ingredients: Standard ingredients. Nothing sets the Double Rocket apart from others.

Burger Eater's Rating: 4

Save your money. At 10 bucks you'd be better off satisfying your burger cravings with a high-quality, less greasy burger.

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